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By | December 12, 2019

Steampunk Artist You Can Trust

As an artistic project head, you want the right person for the job. Your vision becomes achievable with the skilled professionals’ help. They make the expenses worth it and the resources well-managed. They ensure that at the finest details, what you see is what you get. It pays to hire someone who knows what you want. If you want some steampunk, the artist must embody the genre.

The science fiction’s sub-genre called steampunk remains relevant despite fewer younger people recognizing it. As a speculative genre, it provides a glimpse into an alternate reality where steam-powered machines dominate daily life. In that way, enthusiasts remain hooked to this genre’s story and style. And just like other fields, there is more to explore.

Steampunk’s history began with the novelists. People remain interested in a bygone era but with fantasy elements infused with technology. The works produced under this genre provided the inspiration for film producers. In motion pictures, the genre became more distinct. With the time’s aesthetic now visually presented to a wider audience.

This genre helped shaped Do-it-yourself crafting. Artists experimented with various media and materials as inspired by the field’s tinkering aspect. Their craftsmanship reflected its creative spirit. They started making various projects that lead to what it is widely known today. The resourcefulness depicted in stories paved the way for people to believe that something can be created out of the simple things.

As an art form, it clearly depicts Victorian inspirations. From the house, furniture and to the machines, the said era’s influence in craftsmanship clearly shows. Materials like leather, wood, iron and polished brass dominate the different works produced. Even the vehicles’ designs remind you of those earliest locomotives. Function and form balance out each other in every creation.

The fashion for this genre reflects the Victorian era too. Most people would easily recognize the influence on people’s appearance in stories. Clothing articles commonly used include military garments, top hats, waistcoats, gowns, and corsets. The defining accessories include ray guns, goggles, and timepieces. The combination seems eccentric but it works somehow.

It evolves continuously with the other genres incorporated in the mix. Cyberpunk, neo-Victorian, and goth, to name a few, converged into this entity. The modern steampunk includes more people, transforming into a large community. The unity created inspired huge gatherings among the fans. With this population segment celebrating its uniqueness, more people join their conventions every year.

You probably heard this artist’s name on some popular Sci-fi movies. As an avid fan of the genre, his experiences strengthened his desire for creative pursuits. He worked for the army for some time, then proceeded to special effects and sculpture master’s degree. With that, more projects like electronic image compositing came to him. He possesses some expertise in creating blue screens and miniatures.

Those things ascertain his expertise in the steampunk genre. You would not regret having him with years of experiences under his belt. You can expect quality work in this field. You can check his website for more samples of his work.

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