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By | May 18, 2017

Natural Acne and Pimple Treatment for Clear Skin

Blackheads, whiteheads, and the short pink bumps called papules are collectively known as acne formed from extended exposure to pollution, dust, perspiration, or unclean water. For most people, the treatment consists of prescription medicines and topical drugs that can be potentially harmful. Getting rid of acne and minimizing acne scars is possible with natural home remedies. Listed below are some natural pimple remedies that can take the place of costly skin treatments.

An apple cider vinegar keeps the acne away.

There is a reason apple cider vinegar is effective as an acne remedy. It destroys the bacteria that produced the problem from the beginning. Its alkalinity likewise balances the pH of your skin which consequently makes it tougher for bacteria to thrive.
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You need to combine one part pure unfiltered apple cider vinegar with three parts fresh water. Wash your face then pat it dry before applying the mixture directly on the blemish with a cotton ball. Let it stay for at least ten minutes, or preferably overnight. It can be reapplied several times during the day but wash your face completely after each time.
The Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

“White” out your acne.

Egg whites are probably the easiest and most economical way to lessen pimples and fade acne scars. They are full of proteins and vitamins that are helpful to the skin in terms of combating acne and repairing skin cells. They also sop up the excess oil which feeds the pimple-causing bacteria.

Use water to clean your face then pat dry. Divide the whites from the yolks of two to three eggs. Start whisking the whites until they turn foamy then let them settle for a couple of minutes. Using your fingertips, apply the concoction on your face giving special emphasis on problem spots. Wait for the first layer to dry then add three to four more layers. The mask should cover your face and dry for about twenty minutes before you wash it thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

Pop those pimples with a papaya.

Look at the beauty products found on the market today and you will notice that papaya is an essential ingredient in a lot of them. As an all-natural acne remedy, a raw papaya is capable of removing dead skin cells and excess lipids on the exterior of the skin to leave it soft and smooth. Papaya also contains the papain enzyme which reduces redness and swelling.

Clean your face with water first, then pat dry. Mush up the papaya fruit of thoroughly until the consistency is effortlessly applicable to your skin. Let it cover your face for fifteen to twenty minutes before fully rinsing it off with warm water.