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By | April 26, 2017

Types of Foundation Repair Foundation settling and the movement of soil below can cause serious problems to occur on a structure.Some foundation problems that are minor may be able to be fixed with sealants and patches made for such a repair. Foundation problems that came from soil shifting below it is not something that is easily repaired and takes more care as it compromises the structure. Cracks may start to be noticeable after a catastrophic natural disaster or severe weather storm as these can cause structural harm in the land and soil. Earthquakes are a prime example of soil shifting and damaging foundation as they are one of the leading causes of foundation settlement problems. People that are seeing cracks in walls and foundation need to contact a professional company to inspect the damage in person to find out what type of damage you are dealing with. If the professional finds that the damage is not severe then the repair may be simple and not complicated at all. It is possible that a small problem can be repaired easily and without much effort with patches or sealants that are relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Those tempted to save a few bucks and do the repair themselves should really consider spending the extra money to have a professional fix even minor repairs as they are skilled at exactly the service you need done. If there is a major fix needed then you will likely need to hire a foundation repair company to help you as this requires extreme caution and professionalism. A possible solution that an expert may recommend is called slabjacking as that may be the adequate repair choice for sinking foundations. This is when the slab below the foundation has placed holes filled with materials that enable it to rise up to the level that it needs to be. These types of repairs do require foundation repair contractors to be done correctly as it requires experience as well as specialty tools that professionals have for these jobs. Piering is another type of repair option that may be done based on the issues. This repair is done using pilings made of steel pipe for fixing the settlement. The repair is often achieved by the digging of a trench directly next to the foundation and then a plate is welded and secured with pilings and brackets used for just this method. The next step of piering is the raising of the foundation with hydraulic jacks so that it can be lifted to the perfect level. It is possible that other repair options will be discussed and it is vital to listen to the repair person with the experience and skill. The importance of hiring a very skilled company to get this work done is huge as they have the integrity of your building in their capable hands.6 Lessons Learned: Options

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