Easy ways to download the Android paid games as free games

By | March 23, 2019

Most of the useful apps present in the Google Play store are come as paid games. But the real fact about the human mind is we are not willing to spend money for anything. Every Android user wants to download the paid apps as free apps from Google play store.

Generally, the android games are divided into two categories such free android apps and paid android apps. Free apps are present for whereas paid are premium which the user can only able to download to paying money. But download the paid apps for free is not easier so that a proper guide is needed to download it.

Many of the android users will not know have international debit or credit cards that they can use for buy apps from the play store. Hence they go for using 3rd party Android app stores that give paid apps as free games. Here we are listing some of the methods to download the free paid android games,

AppVn application:

This is the most famous APK file store and when you using this AppVn you can able to download the most paid apps for free game. On the same time, the appvn is the 3rd party Android application that is used to download some paid version of free applications.

Sometimes this website has stopped working but still, it is great application based to all other outside app providers. Here is the basic way to download the paid apps for free using AppVn.

Ø  First step you have  to download and install the AppVn from its official website,

Ø  After download and install the AppVn on your phone, you don’t need to root your phone because this method does not require root access and does not need any software also.

Ø  Then you can go to menu-> settings and change the language of the app as English,

Ø  Now open Google play store as a normal one if you are not signed it to Google then sign into the Google account first.

Ø  Now your app store is ready to work for you, you can able to search on your favorite paid Android apps in the app store,

Ø  When you find your needed app, then click on the middle share button, then it will open a popup message,

Ø  After clicking popup on share AppVn and that’s it, now you will able to get the free download page of this app store.

Cree hack:

The Cree hack with no root is an android app will permit the users to hack the android games without rooting the Android phones. This app will help you to enable to hack android game and increase you reward points, jewels, and money without any limit.

This app is available with a very simple user interface and permits you to hack in Android games easily with no root. Hence you can easily surprise your friends with the knowledge of the games by using this app.

Advantages of Cree hack:

Ø  This app will permits you to increase the gems and gold without any limitations,

Ø  A very small size app that’s why install fast and work fast,

Ø  This hack will helps to hack mostly every game,

Ø  This app don’t want any root game to hack the app,

Ø  The user can able to bypass the app payments,

Appsara v1.0:

The Appsara is an app that is used for purchase and hack your android mobile games with no root. This app is very easy to use and more than 50 plus android games are supported by this app to hack in Android app purchases.

You can check the list of supported games on the link and if you are looking to hack any of the applications from Google play store you can easily hack it on your mobile. Most of the times there is no need to root the phone with this hacking app. But if your game is not there in the supported list of games then you need to root you android device first.

Advantages of Cree hack:

Ø  With this app, you can able to purchase any app from Google store.

Ø  Android games are allowing you to hacking as possible and supports 50 plus android games,

Ø  There is no need of rooting required to hack in supported games.

Lucky Patcher:

Luckypatcher app is also an android app to hack in app purchase without rooting on mobile. This app will enables you to hack the Android Google play store to download the paid apps on your mobile with free of cost.

By using this hack function you can remove license from any application and game. There is one issue which does not work on the online game because to hack an online game you need to hack server of online game which is really hard to do and impossible to do.

Advantages of Lucky Patcher:

Ø  This will hack in app purchase and supports and any android except online games,

Ø  It allows the user to hack remove license of app and games,

Ø  This hack will give you unlimited apps for free of cost.

As a conclusion of this, there are many 3rd party apps which will allow you to download the paid android games as free games. Other than the direct apps, you can use the hacking tool apps for downloading the free paid android games.