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By | December 18, 2019

Key Benefits of Rolfing Structural Integration

Many people trust that Rolfing will help reduce chronic pain which has resulted due to physical or emotional traumas. Many athletes practice Rolfing to help in muscle pains or joint pains and also to improve their performance not forgetting prevent any injuries from occurring in the future. It will, therefore, allow some space to develop around the painful muscles or joints which helps the body to function without pain. When you use Rolfing structural integration, you will be treating the soft tissues in all parts of the body that brings pain. It involves your whole body that means from the head to the toe. The therapist makes sure to observe your body posture from all angles and can tell where you need to work on. The most important thing is that Rolfing focuses on the physical and the mind too. There are several benefits of Rolfing structural integration mentioned below.

Rolfing has a positive effect on the mind. It improves the connection between the body and mind as the two cannot work separately. This means that our feelings, thought and even attitudes can be positively or negatively affected by our biological functioning hence the mind can affect how healthy our bodies are. During Rolfing sessions, you will notice that there is an increased feeling of stability and support which ensures security and centeredness. More Rolfing clients have reported that they are able to handle difficult situations in a balanced way and also have gained more self-assurance.

If you are experiencing any form of discomfort or pain in the body Rolfing will be of great help. Take for example you are suffering from back pains, headaches, hip pain or even your neck, you should be confident that Rolfing will alleviate the pain. It aims at creating new options for moving, Standing so that you can relate more with your body. Rolfing structural integration can help in chronic pain by decreasing the pain levels. Its main aim is to fix your body posture and structure so that your body corrects the imbalances that create the pain. Rolfing will also improve your posture and makes the body structures to be balanced. In each session, you will be required to stand so that your therapist can observe your body alignment and posture so as to identify how to improve them. The tight tissues which lock your body and as a result, you gain a poor posture will be lengthened and aligned.

Rolfing structural integration also enhances breathing which means it aims at making a person breath freely without putting a lot of effort. Breathing should be automatic but there are some people who struggle with breathing. It might sound abnormal but it is true and this can be caused by poor posture, colds or coughs which locks the ribcage and brings about breathing problems. Rolfing will help free up tissues that are blocking the ribcage and this done by working between the ribs and in no time, you will be able to breathe fully. It is important to fully breathe throughout the day so that your ribs expand and which will improve your energy levels. The information provided above explains the key benefits of Rolfing structural integration.

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