Good Reasons for the Popularity of Coatings Produced Through Chemical Vapor Deposition

By | March 25, 2019

A process known as chemical vapor deposition, or CVD, is frequently used today to apply coatings that protect delicate printed circuit boards and other types of products. In the past, much cruder techniques like spraying or dipping were employed for the same kinds of reasons. Those simpler means of creating protective coatings, however, are now mostly considered inferior to CVD for many applications.

Part of the reason why CVD has become the default choice in so many situations is the availability of coatings that leverage the inherent strengths of the process especially successfully. Companies like Para-Coat Technologies produce coatings that excel in so many ways that CVD is often quite the best option by far.

CVD Often Stands Clearly Above Spraying and Dipping

Although the process remains mostly the same in every case, CVD can be used to apply coatings of many different formulations. Whatever the particular choice, a carefully blended mixture of materials will be vaporized and then encouraged to deposit onto the targeted surfaces within an evacuated chamber.

This general approach is capable of providing many benefits compared to more direct and less sophisticated techniques like spraying and dipping. Some of the ways by which CVD tends to outperform the older alternatives include its:

  • Regularity. Spraying a coating on a product will almost never yield an especially uniform end result. Dipping objects into pools of liquid will likewise rarely allow a regular coating to be developed. The highly controlled conditions under which CVD occurs make much more uniform results easy to achieve.
  • Conformity. Coatings designed for application via spraying or dipping do not often do a good job of adhering to varied surfaces. Because CVD sees very small particles being individually deposited on the surfaces to be protected, the coating that results will conform very accurately to even the finest of surface features.

A Wide Variety of Ways to Make the Most of CVD

Companies that offer a variety of coatings and services make it easy for their customers to choose those that are most appropriate for their needs. As CVD is so often the best option when the need to have a product coated arises, finding a provider that excels at this approach will frequently pay off.