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By | May 12, 2017

A Guide to Stump Removal The demand for land is increasing each day due to population growth, and therefore, people are clearing land for settlement. In the process of clearing land, you will have to fell trees and remove stumps. It is much easy to fell a tree but removing the stump can be quite a difficult undertaking. To some extent, you will need professional advice to remove a stump and in the simplest way. Stumps can hinder various development projects on the land, and it takes up a lot of space. When doing landscaping, stumps are not required when leveling the ground. Additionally, stumps can cause injuries to children when playing because they are usually covered with foliage. Professional stump removers are best placed to deal with stumps because they have the required expertise. However here are some techniques which professionals use to remove tree stumps. Hand removal – This technique applies to only small stumps. You will require some tools to help you do this job, and some of the commonly used tools are an axe, digging bar, pick mattock, chainsaw, chain and a vehicle. Have the right tools is advantageous because it makes work easy. Roots penetrate deeply into the soil thus making stumps have a firm anchorage, and this makes it difficult to remove. You must cut all the roots to detach them from the stump, and you will use an axe or chainsaw for this purpose. A pick mattock and digging bar help you to remove the roots. A stump without root attachment is easy to remove. The vehicle plays the role of pulling the stump.
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Grinding – This technique is quite complicated because it involves the use of machinery for stump removal. To operate the machine, you will need an expert assistance. One thing is common with almost all these techniques, and it involves cutting all the roots and clearing any debris that may be around the area. Use the chainsaw to cut all the roots. Do not operate the grinding if you have never tried it before and it is recommended that you hire an expert who knows how to work with it. It is not much expensive to get the services of the expert.
The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Services
Use of chemical – this is probably considered the least expensive method, but it takes a lot of time. The chemical in use is potassium nitrate, and it is placed in holes that are made around the tree stump. After that, fill the holes with water and mix it with the chemicals. Leave it for a few months as the chemical reacts with the stump. It is ready for removal when the stump is soft, and you can easily use an axe to remove it.