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By | October 27, 2022

What Makes Jake Gilbert Run for 2023 Mayoral Bid

At the beginning of this year, Jake Gilbert shocked many by announcing his vying for mayor position in Westfield. Jake Gilbert holds several position including Westfield high school football coach and member of the Westfield council among others. When it comes to mayor roles, they typically differ between states but the important thing is that they play a crucial role in local government. The procedure of getting mayors into office typically differ between states also with some appointing them and others electing them. Major qualities need be looked from the candidates vying for the mayor position which includes honesty, credibility as well as transparency. It’s essential to major on such top qualities since the mayor office is also very important. To ensure that the right candidate is elected into the office, it’s important to ensure that there is meeting of set standards as well as criteria. Westfield residents need to consider Jake Gilbert due to the following listed reasons.

The first reason is not being a politician. Jake Gilbert clearly states that he is not a politician and is not vying for this post being driven by political favors. When it comes to vying for any government position, many candidates are highly driven by their political will or interests. Him not being a politician is a great way to understand the community needs at large and come up with effective ways to fulfill them. Mostly politicians concentrate more on their own endeavors and fail to work for those who voted for them. Jake Gilbert being a member of Westfield council explains that this council has given him a great chnace to listen and learn. This means that he is vying for this mayor post while listening to the community.

Another reason for his vying is to give back to the city. The Love for his city is another reason that drives him to vie for mayor position so that he can at least give back. He tend to be much willing to give back to the community since they have also been good to him. It means that he is focusing on improving the wellness and affairs of the member community. This includes creation of favorable working environment for small businesses, providing job opportunities to the youth and infrastructure development. Mayor typically has a great role to play to changing the overall city look. It’s his aim to give back by completely changing the city.

Last is reuniting the city. Jake Gilbert notes that Westfield lacks unity among the people and he aims at reuniting them to help them realize their potential. Unity is of utmost importance to foster growth and development in the area. With this, he notes that having community programs to bring people together will promote sharing of ideas and togetherness that will drive the city forward. Community involvement is important.

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