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By | April 7, 2017

Some Basic Information About Smoothie Franchises The smoothie business has grown in popularity lately. Figures show that the sales are growing year by year and outlooks indicate that sales will increase further in the coming years. The cause of this is because more people understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and have taken the measures that are necessary to live this kind of life. People know smoothies as nutritious beverages hence they are becoming popular as consumers drink them as meal replacements, after workouts or as snacks. Some people who have an entrepreneurial spirit have taken advantage of this popularity and have ventured into smoothie franchises earning good revenue. There are several smoothie franchises these entrepreneurs can select from. Nonetheless, there are specific requirements that the business owner must meet to buy a franchise. First, they ought to have some liquid capital of sums which range from $50,000 to $250 based on the brand of the franchise. For all those who cannot raise the liquid capital, they can try to qualify to get a business loan, but this alternative requires a lot of thought. Another essential condition is the person’s net worth which should be $100,000 at the least. Apart from these, they must have an interest in the food industry and be able to manage a business. Smoothie companies have both advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious benefit is the name recognition that your business gets. Customers are inclined to buy from a brand they are conversant, so a franchise comes not only with not only with a name but with the customers also. Not only does the business owner get an established brand but they get support from the franchise in the form of training in managing the business and procuring the ingredients and supplies. Even for first timers, there is less work involved in developing the business as these resources already are supplied and advertising their products. However, these benefits do not come cheap. The entrepreneur must pay monthly franchise fees and a franchise fee which amount to about ten percent of the gross sales. There is also a less need for innovation and creativity when owning a franchise because the franchise owner is bound by the terms of the contract. They should adhere to these terms notably on menu offerings and marketing.
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The decision on whether to franchise or not is determined by the way in which the company owner wants to run their business. If they relish pressure and risk and desire some flexibility, they can opt to come up with their smoothie brand and refuse the offers from smoothie franchises. On the other hand, if they prefer organization, more stability, and less pressure then they should opt for franchising.
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To make the choice that is best; it could be wise for the business proprietor to learn more about Smoothie franchises.