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By | September 26, 2019

Benefits of a Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a type of baking stone used in cooking pizza. They absorb moisture when used to cook pizza thus resulting to a crispier crust, this is usually because of their porous nature. Pizza stones may be made from ceramic, cast iron, a stone or codierite. You will need to have the right pizza stone if you want to make the perfect pizza for your friends or family on your grill. Read on to know the benefits of a pizza stone and how you can use a pizza stone.

If you love pizza then consider buying a pizza stone because they are important when preparing pizza. Pizza stones will shield your pizza when cooking from the intense heat that comes from the grill that may cause burning. A good pizza stone will make a pizza that is free from any nasty burning smells, because of their good heat retention activity they also make the pizza to cook effectively and also faster. Most of the pizza stones are also certified by the recognized body depending on the country you come from hence your safety is also guaranteed when you buy one.

Because of their strength to handle heat, they can be used for both outdoor pizza ovens and the conventional ovens as well as any grill. Pizza stones usually have these characteristics because of thermite that is known to offer superior capabilities or to retain and to transfer heat. The crispy crust is also because of thermite because it extracts moisture and absorbs it. When using a pizza stone always ensure you preheat your cold stone first before you use it onto the grill because this will help in speeding up the time you will use to cook. To prevent the base from being sticky it is important that you sprinkle some flour over it before adding pizza.

Here are some tips that will help you when you want to use your pizza stone when preparing pizza. When your ingredients are chopped, grated, precooked and laid out awaiting the cooking, set up your grill. When grilling it is crucial that you use indirect heat because this will avoid burning. When using gas grill then heat one side of the grill and leave the other one. You are supposed to preheat your stone as the grill continues to heat. Once the pizza stone is hot enough cook your pizza after you have prepared it a spare plate. Sprinkle some flour as stated earlier over the stone before you add your pizza using a spatula. Over time as you will be using your pizza stone you will notice some splatters that are discolored which is usually normal and won’t affect its longevity. To avoid your food when you cook next time from tainting, don’t use water or detergents to wash your pizza stone.

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