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By | February 28, 2018

Non-Toxic Gel Mattresses: A Guide to Understanding Why These Are Safe for Your Family

When you are planning to invest in a mattress, the need to be very specific and detailed throughout is vital. While it may not look like it, there actually are a number of things you could find in your mattress that could risk your health in general.

More and more mattresses you could find today basically are designed and marketed in a way to make it look appealing to customers. You will most certainly find that mattress manufacturers basically are not required to disclose every single component or material their mattresses are made out of. Going with the traditional mattress actually is not that healthy and safe at all, especially for women and children, respectively.

Mattresses that basically are made prior 2004 are likely to contain chemicals that are harmful and among these chemicals include PBDE or polybrominated diphenyl ethers. The risks it could put on men and infants range, and men usually are found to have a significant reduction in sperm count, while infants and unborn children are put at risk of birth defects. Aside from mood changes, people also are likely put at risk of hearing disorders.

Not only that but as the years gone by, more negative effects were discovered. With that, the development of new approaches to have this matter addressed is being put on the tables, which led to the development of non-toxic gel mattresses. In a sense, these basically are great alternatives since they are organic and basically use natural ingredients.

These non-toxic gel mattresses basically are untreated and are organic. These also are designed to repel water as well as keep the development of mold and mildew in the first place. This means that they are safer as opposed to polyurethane foam. The fact that the latex is organic and is from rubber trees, as well as cotton that is organically grown in oil that is pesticide-free is what makes it a healthy alternative as opposed to mattresses that contain chemicals.

Looking at the possible options you could find on the market, non-toxic gel mattresses are not just made from superior materials but also are made to be great in cushioning and are not just durable as a whole. For parents wanting to give the best to their child, going with Intellibed mattresses will be a smart move to make to ensure that children are provided with the best comfort without foam. If you want to guarantee and secure that you are providing the best and safest mattress for your child, then these non-toxic gel mattresses are a smart choice to make, especially since they are fire-resistant at the same time.

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