What to Expect When Working With Mintec Systems for Custom Software Design

By | March 31, 2019

Designing custom software for business applications comes with a variety of benefits, such as allowing business owners to get an edge over competitors and ensuring their software solutions are perfectly tailored to the business’s unique needs. There’s no denying that custom software is more effective and efficient than off-the-shelf solutions, but many business owners are hesitant to invest since they’re not sure what to expect. Read on to find out what Mintec Systems does to help its clients ensure the new software programs will meet their needs perfectly.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations come free of charge, and they are really only used to get a basic idea of what the customer wants and what the software will be designed to do. The consultations can often be performed over the phone, making it easier for customers to fit them into their busy schedules. It often takes two or more initial meetings to come up with a reasonably accurate quote, although smaller projects may be quoted outright depending on what they will entail.

Product Specifications

Customers can expect to be in-the-know during every step of the design process. They will be offered product specifications, including an outline of each screen and an explanation of its functionality, and will have the chance to offer their input to the developers. This helps to ensure that the final product will accurately reflect the customer’s unique needs.

Getting a Quote

A final quote won’t generally be offered until after the product specification stage has been completed. At this point, the developer should have a solid enough idea of what his or her customers expect to be able to estimate the size of the project and how long it will take and to provide an accurate quote for the service. Once this point has been passed, customers can simply sit back and wait until their software is ready or get in touch for updates.

Understanding Warranties

Mintec offers a three-month warranty on all software programs sold by the company. This ensures customer satisfaction by giving customers the time they need to evaluate functionality and bring any potential defects to the attention of the developers free of charge.