When to Custom Build Software

By | April 2, 2019

Custom-built software is typically more expensive than off-the-shelf alternatives, but software designers are still inundated with requests from business owners across a wide variety of industries. Why is it that companies of all sizes are willing to pay the extra money to custom build software? Even though it requires a higher initial investment, custom software can wind up paying off in the long run.

Not sure if it’s worth investing in a custom software solution? Read on to find out about a few of the signs that the time is right to upgrade.

Niche Industries

While companies operating in popular industries such as the restaurant business or floral shops may have access to off-the-shelf software that is built with their industry-specific needs in mind, those operating within niche industries typically don’t have this option. If the company is resorting to using generalized software for specific tasks and it’s making things unnecessarily complicated, it might be worth having a custom software solution designed from scratch.

Growing Businesses

Startups don’t usually have it in the budget to purchase custom software. Once the business model has been proven and the company has begun to take off, though, it’s a good idea to sit down and give some thought to whether or not the time might be right to upgrade. Custom software will likely help the company continue to grow and thrive, whereas continuing to settle for off-the-shelf products will only lead to increasing frustration and difficulties.

Competitive Industries

Some industries are more competitive than others. For those who are constantly struggling to stay abreast of modern industry trends and keep their customers on-board despite an increasing number of competitors, custom software might add the extra edge they need. It can help them reduce inefficiencies within their companies’ workflows, maintain exceptional customer service, manage specialized inventory, and more.

Specific Needs

If a business owner has a very specific application for his or her software in mind, it’s usually best to invest in having custom software built that will make it easier. While basic needs can often be met with off-the-shelf products, it’s rare for truly innovative thinkers to find that others have already stepped up to create the programs they need to succeed.